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To send us an email CLICK HERE LAWLOR SUPPORT SERVICES INC. Established in Halton Hills. Combined, they have more than seventeen years experience working people and companies. In addition, they have long standing associations with the Ontario Home Builders Industry Association of Peel and Halton where they served as members on the board of directors. Lawlor PRINT DESIGN FIRM Company Inc. provides a broad range of services for company who require one-on-one marketing support, focusing on functional activities and cognitive remediation to assist companies to achieve their maximum level of independence. Lawlor Services Inc. compliments services provided by an interdisciplinary team in a clientÝs community, home, semi detached, bunalow, condo, fractional ownership, apartments, singles house, free hold townhome, and townhouses. Workers work under the direction of Regulated Home Builders Professionals of the interdisciplinary team facilitating recommendations. Lawlor Support Workers do not perform assessments or make recommendations. Our service enhances the real estate marketing to assist the client to reach their maximum advertisement potential. What Makes Our Service Unique? ´ A combination of program evaluation, documentation, and a collection of objective data. ´ Community resources are identified and incorporated wherever possible. ´ Our area of expertise is acquired print, multimedia, web site design ´ A holistic approach to treatment is incorporated including life skills, education and employment.

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